What we do

We take what God has put in our hands and steward it with His wisdom for our common benefit and to His glory

Being in Diaspora, we live in two worlds at the same time. Enaleni understands that we care about our country of origin, but we also need to take care of our own lives. So we offer a platform that enables Diaspora members to save their remittances, and build up a nest egg for that dream – whether it’s retiring home one day, or setting up a project, or anything at all. This means that some of the remittances our members earn go towards theirs and their children’s future.

And while those savings grow, where do we invest them? Our remittances are invested in farming activities in rural Matabeleland, developing local economies and creating local jobs. In 2020 Zimbabwe received USD$150million in FDI, and USD$1billion in remittances! We need to stop looking for foreign investors, and realise that we are the best investors for our people.  


Where we invest

FARM AND packhouse

At Enaleni we have re-imagined our remittances as investment and our rural homes as economic hubs. Our aim is to continue raising impact investment to develop a horticulture hub at our newly purchased farm in Nyamandlovu. From this base, we will continue facilitating market access for farmers by setting up a pack-house and logistics through which the produce of the small scale out-grower farmers will be processed.

turning Matabeleland Green

Our years of working in rural agriculture taught us that charity is not always the best way to help, and that what farmers need is opportunity not handouts. We stopped raising donations and started raising impact investment through Enaleni Community shares. We focused our attention on supporting market access for the farmers, and to do this we partnered with Turning Matabeleland Green, supplying trucks to move the farmers’ produce. By 2018, our trucks had served 2,400 rural farmers, created 25 local jobs and earned a consistent return for our Diaspora investors.  

Foundations for Farming

All we know (and love!) about conservation agriculture and the development of rural farming has come through our partnership with Brian and his team. All the support we have channelled as Diaspora towards farming in Zimbabwe has been through teams working through local churches and promoting conservation agriculture.

Ebenezer agricultural college

Our roots lie in our desire to serve.  We set up a charity (The Global Native), whose first mandate was supporting Ebenezer Agricultural College in the Matobo District of Zimbabwe. Shared values, a deep commitment to our Christian faith, and the desire to see rural farming uplifted made this a rewarding partnership. 

Enaleni is not simply about investment.
This is about unshackling the chains of poverty and unlocking the productive capacity of the poor.

“If you think you are too small to make  a difference, you have never spent the night with a mosquito.”

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